The “skinny jean” era has definitely been a controversial one especially since men nowadays seem to be enjoying them much more than women are. But the question is when is it appropriate to wear skinny jeans? Well one school district has proposed a possible ban on them!

According to CNN, The New Hanover County School Board in North Carolina, has been  thinking about making some amendments to their dress code policy. It even went as far as to go on Twitter to poll opinions on whether or not the dress code should change

The new policy which also known as Policy 8520 would state; “No leggings, “skinny jeans” or other excessively tight fitting pants unless covered by a top or dress to the appropriate length. (The length of the top or dress shall cover the posterior area in its entirety.)”

Well, of course the students weren’t having it at all:

Well one reason behind the change is apparently to stop bullying. According to WECT, the ban comes as a means to stop “bigger girls” from being made fun of for wearing tighter clothes.

“We’re basically trying to stay ahead of what might be disruptive to the learning environment,” Deputy Superintendent Rick Holliday said.

Lets chat below, do you think there should be a ban on skinny jeans?

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