Singer/songwriter Kelly Price went on a social media rant yesterday about “church bigotry” after she says she was invited to perform at a gospel expo and was criticized for her choice of music.

Price says that she was invited to perform at the Indiana Black Gospel Expo Showcase and her song choice? … her remake to Shirley Murdock’s hit 1986 song “As We Lay.” Now if you’ve heard the song before then you would know that it basically talks about infidelity. Well the church folks ain’t like it too much and decided to drag her all over social media.

Well the Grammy nominated artist  took to Instagram yesterday to explain that she was never supposed to perform on the Gospel stage in the first place but due to some sort of mixup she ended up on the stage anyways.

Church bigotry must die so the love of Christ can shine! @iamgabbyj

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When does it end ….

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I Love God. I don't play games with him or his people. In the last 12 hours Ive been slammed and dragged online by "born again Christians" speaking on things they didn't have facts about. Nasty hateful things have been said AND my character has been attacked. All of it has been done in the name of Jesus and correction. LIES… None of it was in love. And the discernment I was told should've been present so I could've made a better decision clearly wasn't present in the thousands of church people who decided to trash me for doing my job yesterday. My situation shines a bright light on the ugliness that is in many religious organizations and houses of worship that say they love all people and all people are welcome. It would be better to just tell the truth and let people know you don't welcome all people, only those who fit your customized brand of converted Christian. It had to be me and it had to blow up this way. Now starts the very public and very real conversation about church bigotry on MY platform. I hope you're ready. I am.

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Even singer/songwriter Rico Love and gospel singer Tasha Page as well as the organization its self came to Kelly’s rescue


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Thank you @tashapagelockhart

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Lord have mercy!!! Let’s chat below!

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