We reported yesterday that Nelly was slapped with a major IRS tax lien, which according to TMZ amounts to a little over $2.4 million dollars for the year of 2013.

Now although Nelly should be able to pay off what he owes seeing as he has cash flow from being one of the stars of The Real Husband’s of Hollywood, as well as cash from his own reality show, Twitter users have his back!

According to Spin Magazine, Nelly needs at least 287,176,547 “Hot In Herre” streams to pay off his IRS debt, and Black Twitter has made it their mission to do just that.

Nelly started trending on Twitter when tweeters started tweeting reasons on how and why “Hot In Herre” should be streamed to get Nelly out of his debt.

“Nelly gave us HITS, went diamond, cleaned a legend up, and put his entire city on the map. We can stream a song for him fam.” One user said.

“Black Twitter throwing a rent party for Nelly like its 1970,” another tweeter said–while using an animated booty shaking gif.


Someone else said they don’t understand why everyone is so worried because “All Nelly has to do to pay back the IRS is sell his grills and AirForce Ones” … Lawd.



Search #HotInHerreStreamingParty for more tweets on getting Nelly out of debt!

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