Looks like it’s going down between Yung  Joc and his “supposed to be manager” Polo Hammond.

In a video clip for a new episode of Judge Faith Jenkin’s court show, the ATL rapper is suing his booking manager, Polo Hammond for $6,000 for a booking deposit and defamation of character. He argues that  he never received the full amount owed to him for doing the event.

“I’mma keep it all the way 100,”Joc says in a clip for the upcoming episode. “I had to come here today in front of the honorable Judge Faith Jenkins because my supposed-to-be manager back here done took this money, but I came here today to get it back.”


Welp, Polo is countersuing Joc for $1,000 because apparently he forgot to pay up for a Spades game he lost. As for the $6,000, Polo has an answer for why Joc never received his full payment, he allegedly used the other half for a new project investment.

Either way it looks like the pair seem to be back on good terms seeing how amicable they seem on social media. Lets chat below!

TSR STAFF: Debra Oh! @The_Ebony_Issue on IG

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