Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom will  finally and officially cut marital ties! Hard to imagine that the pair is still legally married with all of the dating rumors but anyways.

TMZ reports that their final divorce documents have finally been accepted and their divorce will be effective December 17. Ironically, documents also show that this was a pretty clean proceeding compared to many other celebrity divorces.

Neither person is asking for spousal support and have also agreed to split all money made during their Khloe and Lamar show in half.

Khloe will also get to keep her assets in her Dash Boutique as well as her current Calabasas home. Lamar gets to keep his 401(k) plan from the NBA.

After three years of  a drawn out divorce battle, we’re glad the pair could adults at the end of the day. We bet Tristan Thompson is somewhere overjoyed!

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