The beginning of this year has gotten off to an interesting start after Chris Brown and Soulja Boy started exchanging insults via social media. All of which has resulted into the two of them going head to head in the boxing ring.

The fight was reportedly supposed to go down in Las Vegas, but there may be a new location in mind.

According to TMZ, sources close to Chris Brown and Soulja Boy reveal that the two are reportedly all in when it comes to the fight. Especially when it comes to the huge check they’ll be getting by having their match on Pay-Per-View.

The fight was supposed to take place in Las Vegas, but there are several rules and regulations they must go by to make the fight possible. With this being an amateur fight, one of those rules would be a mandatory drug test.

Therefore, plans have reportedly been made to take the fight overseas, with the first choice being Dubai.

With some of the proceeds from the fight possibly going to charity, TMZ sources say both Soulja Boy and Chris Brown will still walk away with a nice payday if the fight does go down.


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