Ray J has been in the Celebrity Big Brother  house for less than a week and he has already gotten the boot but it looks like the singer is calling foul!

Apparently, Ray had a severe toothache that landed him in the hospital but not before facing a headache with producers who allegedly didn’t even take his medical needs seriously. Then to add insult to injury, he was kicked off the show!

TMZ is reporting that the Love and Hip Hop star had been complaining about tooth pain but claims that when he went to producers they ignored him. It supposedly got so bad that other cast members petitioned to not participate until Ray got medical attention.

Finally a doctor was sent to the home and gave Ray a total of eight pills to take, half for that day and the remaining half for the next. Unfortunately for him, even after taking all of his meds Ray was still in excruciating pain, so producers finally gave in to taking him to the hospital.

Ray recounts being taken outside and says when the wind hit his tooth the pain because so unbearable he passed out. Luckily, once at the hospital Ray was taken care of and even ate McDonald’s as a sign of good tooth faith. Turns out, the singer was suffering from an abscessed tooth, a cracked filling in another tooth, and a severe gum issue.

Upon his return from the hospital, which he says was just about an hour later, he learned that his time in the house has been cancelled and now he threatening to sue. We’re guessing the $1 million he was slated to receive from the show may have a pretty big part in the lawsuit as well.

Check out his words below


Welp, we’re glad that Ray is okay! Do you think he should be let back in the house though? Let’s chat below!

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