Issa fake! That’s what the revelation was when a man tried to impersonate singer Sisqó during New York Fashion Week!

It was discovered that a man was granted front row access to NYFW shows like Philipp Plein and Vivienne Tam as well as Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 5 presentation after he allegedly posed as the “Thong Song” singer.

He was spotted wearing “a black velvet, gold-trimmed, caftan-style Versace suit, a torrent of chunky jewelry and shades” at Plein and Tam’s show as he posed for pictures passing off as the real deal!

via Page Six:

The fake Sisqó sat front row at the Philipp Plein and Vivienne Tam shows — where he sported a black velvet, gold-trimmed, caftan-style Versace suit, a torrent of chunky jewelry and shades. Hitting the shows with his “assistant,” he also attended Kanye West’s presentation.

Sham Sisqó, who bleached his hair to mimic the star’s trademark do of the 1990s, was even heard bragging to fashionistas that he had just performed at Meatpacking District celebrity haunt Up&Down until 5 a.m. this week.

He was later exposed when he tried to use his real passport with his real name to board a private jet traveling to the Caribbean. Identified as Gavin Barnes, the imposter now insists that he never tried to pose as Sisqó.

“I never said I was Sisqó. People thought I was him, and that wasn’t cool.”

He also denies that Barnes is his real last name even though it does appear on his passport.

Anyways, the actual singer is touring Las Vegas at the moment but his manager, Jeff Allen, did say,“Management has no idea who this guy is. It’s flattering, I guess. Thanks for bringing it to our attention … What does his manager look like?”

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