Azealia Banks dodged jail time in her boob-biting case after she took a plea deal that may actually give her the help she actually needs.

Banks was scheduled to face trial for third-degree assault tomorrow for punching and biting an Up & Down nightclub female bouncer who denied her entry because she didn’t recognize her.

Well the NY Post is now reporting that Banks has accepted a deal where she would have to get mental health treatment as well as anger management in exchange for jail time. The judge ordered that she also respect the terms of the victim’s restraining order and not get into any more trouble with the law.

If the 25-year-old can successfully complete these terms she can have her charge reduced to disorderly conduct but if not she could face up to a year in jail.

The news comes after prosecutors tried to introduce other examples of her violent behavior in court. Assistant District Attorney Shea Donato claimed that Banks slashed her sister in the neck, arm, and hand in 2008 and let’s not forget her altercation with Russell Crowe.

Welp, maybe now the chickens will have a fighting chance! Let’s chat below!

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