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Dear TSR,

Let me tell you the true tea behind Kirk Frost’s relationship with Jasmine, and just so yall know … Kirk IS the father!! I know this for a fact because I’m Rod’s assistant and Rasheeda’s niece. Even when Rod got back from jail he hit me up because he wanted me to start working with him again and had to catch me up on everything. He began to tell me everything about Jasmine messing with Kirk and the baby; he showed me receipts ( text messages, video etc)! He didn’t know Rasheeda was my aunt so I instantly got mad and told him I was gonna call her and tell her everything and I surely did! It was all good til the show reached out to me. Rasheeda got so upset and begged me not to do the show because they wanted to keep this on the low until the show was done filming. Kirk even had the nerve to tell her not to talk to me because I was recording everything just in case I needed the receipts and sure enough I did!  Kirk and Rasheeda paid Logan (Jasmine’s ex)  to say he was the father because he and Jasmine did have a relationship but that ended back in 2014! I know that y’all like believe Rasheeda doesn’t know anything about this story but she does I told her everything!! They just wanna protect their image! Normally I wouldn’t out family but since I’m in the middle Kirk is dead wrong and needs to admit to his responsibilities! I even got pictures of Jasmine at Pressed which Kirk took her to and even had his daughter help her.


Here’s a photo of the receipt of the LV bag he got her last year and the picture of her wearing it:IMG_0919

And last but not least the video I recorded of Jasmine talking to Kirk over the phone about money:




The Truth Shall Set You Free

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