Adrien Broner definitely had a long night after Cincinnati police pulled him over in a rented SUV that had been riddled with bullets holes, and later arrested him for an open warrant.

According to USA Today, the professional boxer who lives in Cincinnati was booked at the Kenton County Detention Center around 1:18 am, and later released around 5:10 am after posting $503 bond.

According to police, they took him into custody overnight after stopping him in a white Chevrolet Suburban that was crossing into Kentucky. When they pulled the boxer over the vehicle had been damaged with eight bullet holes.

Shortly before police had received multiple reports of shots being fired.

Broner, who was found behind the wheel of the rented SUV, told police an unknown suspect followed him from a bar and “fired several rounds, striking his vehicle approximately eight times.”

Broner was not hurt in the shooting, but police took him into custody on an open OVI warrant and the SUV was held for investigation. Once police located a crime scene in the area, they recovered ten 9mm shell casings.

Broner who has a few other run-ins with the law is scheduled to appear in court on April 27th.



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