Yesterday, TMZ reported that former Love and Hip Hop NY star Tahiry Jose was arrested on her birthday after getting into an altercation with an alleged roommate.

Tahiry claimed that she was a victim after the other woman attacked her first in her own home… well the other woman, who’s name is Alise, has stepped into The Shade Room and she says there’s a whole lot of alternative facts going around.

Alise says that she and Tahiry had been friends for 5 years and has watched the former reality star lose friends over her destructive behavior. Here’s what she had to say:


“I peeped the stories going around on the blogs about Tahiry getting arrested! However, I was the one that she got into a fight with but never lived with her and I have my real lease agreement to my current apartment to prove that along with the real story. She hasn’t been making bookings like that and her price dropped, she’s been taking chump change for bookings and can’t afford her rent. She did ask if I can be roommates with her because her last roommate left her for dead and she didn’t want to have to move with a friend in ATL since she would have to put her stuff in storage. I declined the offer. We did get into a fight but she was the aggressor and that’s why she was locked up and I wasn’t. She’s telling false stories and I want revenge, at least I have proof of many things. Not to mention she f*** multiple rappers and had a long affair with singer Tyrese, Asap Rocky and many more rappers and still can’t afford sh**.”



Elise claims that Tahiry gets emotional after she drinks and says it all started after they left the club to hit up a diner. She also says she wasn’t the only person Tahiry argued with that night.

“At the second venue that night she got into an argument with her makeup artist. As we left to hit up a diner, I slipped and fell in front of her and she ignored it and didn’t even check to see if I was okay. Instead of making a show there I left and got in a Uber. My car and clothes were at her house because I got ready at her house, so as I was picking up my car parked, she pulled up.  She was really really really wasted. At this point I was already sober and had to straighten myself up for work the next day. She started yelling, mushed my face and it was a wrap from there. We began fighting, the makeup artist broke the fight up and the cops came.”

She says she can’t find record of her arrest not even her mugshot and that’s why she believes Tahiry called TMZ herself.

On whether she would press charges or not, she says she overwhelmed by what happened but won’t be seeking any further legal aide. As far as their friendship… yeah it pretty much over for that one too.

“WE WILL NEVER BE FRIENDS AGAIN! I’m not pressing charges on her, but this is def a dead issue. Real friends don’t put hands on each other. What’s left of her career is about to be ended. I feel like she went and told TMZ this bullshit ass story, she’s sneaky and does stuff like that because she’s not relevant anymore. And like I told her, I can never be jealous over a b*tch who still in the clubs every night for $500 bookings, by 40 I wanna be paying off a mortgage!”

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