As if a tough loss to the San Antonio Spurs last week isn’t hard enough, it has reported that Houston Rockets player James Harden is being sued by an NBA legend’s son.

Moses Malone Jr., son of Moses Malone, filed a $1 million lawsuit against Harden alleging that he paid former V-Live Houston strip club security guard Darian Blount $20,000 in cash to put a hit on him after Malone made comments about the ball player on Facebook.

via ESPN:

The original lawsuit, filed in September, seeks damages against V Live Houston for injury and loss of property. The lawsuit alleges that as Malone attempted to enter the club, he was stopped by Blount, who directed a group of armed men to beat and rob Malone. The suit states that Malone was repeatedly kicked and punched in the face, had his diamond earrings ripped out and was robbed of other jewelry before the assailants entered the club with Blount.

Apparently, the June robbery stemmed from a Facebook post where Malone Jr. had bashed Harden for charging kids $250 for a basketball camp. Four men were arrested and charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon in connection to the incident after it was reported that Malone had lost $15,000 in jewelry during the robbery.

Court documents linked Harden to the robbery after one of the thieves told allegedly Malone that he “disrespected James Harden and that he needs to be punished after that” via the Houston Chronicle. The suit also claims Harden was at the club the same night.

“All the stories that we’ve heard from all the witnesses were pretty consistent that James Harden was pretty upset about the Facebook post that was posted the night before the attack,” Malone’s attorney George Farah told ESPN. “There were text messages between Moses and some of James Harden’s friends. … We have a good trail of evidence that leads to James Harden’s involvement to this.

Farah says he is preparing to subpoena 10 witnesses who will also back up his claims even though Harden’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, refutes the allegations claiming its nothing more than a money grab.

“I am in Boston for depositions so I haven’t seen the petition, but I have previously discussed Moses’ allegations with James and others, and I am totally comfortable that the allegations are untrue,” Hardin told Fox 26. “Unfortunately, I am afraid this is just another example of people shopping for a deep pocket when they find that the people actually responsible have no money.”

Malone is demanding $1 million for medical expenses which include a tab for his severe physical and mental pain as well his lost property.

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