Hey, Roommates! So, it’s summer time which means that cuffing season has come and gone, but a few of our favorite celebrity couples are still holding on! This got us to thinking, is their love written in the stars or was there a typo somewhere?

Let’s take a look and you guys be the judge!

#Kaevo – Karrueche & Quavo

Karrueche is a Taurus and Quavo is an Aries which could definitely make this the perfect merriment between business and pleasure. With K being a Taurus, she’s all about those bands right now, but Quavo is the perfect person to help her secure them! Aries are always ready to drop everything to get that money!

Other Aries & Taurus celebrity couples: David and Victoria Beckham

Kylie & Travis Scott

Travis Scott is another Taurus and we have already established that those under this sign are usually about a check! Travis could be a very sweet partner for Kylie right now especially since she’s a Leo. Let’s face it–Leo’s love nice things and will work hard to ensure that they have them. Together, these two will only help each other expand their respective empires and Travis will work hard to make sure his lady is straight.

Other Taurus & Leo celebrity couples: Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer (iconic!!!)

Jessica Dime & Shawne Williams

First of all, congratulations to Jessica Dime and Shawne Williams on their engagement! We at The Shade Room accept your wedding invite! Okay, back to business. Jessica and Shawne are both Aquarians which is very interesting. Aquarians tend to think that no one understands them except another Aquarius and after personally dating two, I definitely agree! Coupled with their adorable never-ending love story that unfolded on this season of Love and Hip Hop, Jessica and Shawne seem to be a match made in heaven and we wish them the best!

Other Aquarius & Aquarius celebrity couples: Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

Khloe & Tristan

Khloe and Tristan probably make one of the best pairings on this list. She’s a Cancer and he is a Pisces, so I know without the shadow of a doubt that they are having the best time together! I’m a Cancer and my best friend is a Pisces. We’ve been friends over half our lives now and have created some very fond memories together–no one else gets me like this guy!

The Cancer and Pisces signs are regarded as the “brother and sister” zodiacs so if these two can stick through Tristan’s team losing the NBA Championship, then we may see this relationship go very far!

Other Pisces and Cancer celebrity couples: Steve Irwin & Terri Irwin

Wiz Khalifa & Izabela Guedes

Virgo and Sagittarius is an interesting pair, Roommates! The Sag is typically carefree and does not care to be tied down whereas Virgo will usually want the exact opposite. Earthy Virgo Wiz lives the hectic life of a rapper which could help him keep up with Izabela, the Sag. If these two can learn to embrace their differences then they’ve definitely got a shot at a long-lasting love!

Other Virgo and Sagittarius celebrity couples: Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Roommates, tell us what couples you think will last and which ones you think won’t last!

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