Take that in for a minute Roommates…Finding out your partner was stabbed to death has to be gut wrenching, but imagine the added pain that comes with finding out it happened while he or she was cheating on you.

20-year-old Manos Ikonomidis was stabbed to death after participating in a threesome with 21-year-old Jack Doherty, and a woman who has not been identified.

According to New York Daily News, things took a left turn after one of the participants started recording their sexcapade.

The unidentified woman reportedly contacted her boyfriend–who wasn’t a part of the threesome–and alleged that she had been raped.

The girlfriend of the stabbed victim–who wasn’t involved in the threesome either–then received a message on the gram that reportedly read, “Your boyfriend f*cked up and will be taken care of.”

According to police sources, they found no evidence  to support the woman’s claims of rape, and that the encounter was consensual between all three participants.


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