BET & Philly Films Team Up For New “On Tour With” Docu-Series Which Kicks Off With Meek Mill’s “Compelling” Saga
It’s a fact that celebrities are just like everyone else meaning that they have personal issues and things that they deal with on a daily basis. However, have you ever considered all of the chaos that goes on behind the scenes of their performances on top of being a “regular” person? Well, BET’s new #OnTourWith docu-series will take fans on that exact journey starting tomorrow, July 11th at 9 p.m. The shows creator and executive producer, Julius “J” Erving explained to Billboard why Meek’s story needed to be documented.

“This isn’t about just picking the biggest artists to profile,” he explains. “We’re looking for artists with a compelling story and interesting characters around them. Meek’s Dreamchasers are very interesting in the way they support and rock with each other like a family. We want the audience to fall in love with and root for those characters as well, not just the lead artist. That’s the goal.”

Erving has a background in management and told us that he loves to help artist prepare tours. He felt that the behind-the-scenes aspect would help fans to better understand the effort that goes into chasing a dream.

Make sure you guys tune into On Tour With tomorrow night at 9pm!


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