In a new interview with, everyone’s favorite motivational speaker and Asahd’s dad, #DJKhaled, shared six of his major keys to achieving greatness.


1: Be Grateful – “I’ve always been grateful for life, but now it’s something even more special. I thought I knew what love and joy was and then I met my son,” said Khaled. #Grateful is the 10th studio album by the super producer, who describes it as “my thank-you to everyone.”


2: Understand You’re Never Too Young To Be A Mogul – Khaled’s son Asahd is probably the hardest working baby in the music biz. Not only does he appear on the ‘Grateful’ album cover, but he’s also the executive producer as well. Plus, he has 1.1 million followers on IG.

“Asahd brought inspiration and drive to this album,” said Khaled. “Not just to me but to all the other artists too. This is my 10th album, but it’s his first. When Asahd grows up, he’s going to say, ‘Hey, I accomplished this as a young mogul at seven months old.’ He’s the youngest, biggest mogul out there right now.”


3: Party Like Diddy – We think Khaled’s advice for going to a Diddy party should be applied to life on a daily basis: ”Stay fly at all times. Be fly and be great.”


4: Don’t Undersell Yourself – “When I work with artists, I try to bring the greatness out of them,” Khaled says. “They’re already great, but I want the greatest… I’m in Quincy Jones mode.”


5: Embrace Your Inner Meme – Since the time Khaled got lost at sea on his jet ski, the Internet has dubbed him a “living meme.” However, it’s a title he happily accepts. “I’m special,” he told NME. “If I walk in a room and the room is dark, I’m the light bulb.”
6: Respect The Boss – Khaled has worked with almost every big-name artist, yet only one of them still makes him nervous. “I’m always starstruck around Beyoncé,” Khaled admits. “I’m always quiet, shy and try not to do or say too much around her – because she’s the boss.”



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