#2Chainz painted an Atlanta house pink last month as part of an almost month-long marketing campaign for his #PrettyGirlsLikeTrapMusic album. It served as an art gallery, nail salon, and church service site for the past three weeks and many folks flocked to the landmark just to snap a photo before it was taken down. Unfortunately, that day will be tomorrow and the home’s “make under” is already in full effect.

George Rohrig, who founded the property management firm that owns the house, says that they are looking for new tenants and will be painting the house white. As for the backlash from local entrepreneurs, he feels that 2Chainz and his team did a great job of handling it. “You have to give them credit,” he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution today. “They did a pretty good job handling complaints and adding security when needed.”

Roommates, did you like 2Chainz’s idea for a Trap House? Do you think it should be a permanent landmark?
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Source: http://www.ajc.com/news/local/chainz-atlanta-pink-trap-house-lease-will-repainted-owner-says/TnnJW3UEIKR6e13Dbq2laK/

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