A 3-year-old girl had an unexpected incident at a West Philadelphia Daycare on Tuesday. The toddler was found chewing a bag of crack cocaine!

Now I know you’re probably thinking how in the world did that even happen. Well, a daycare worker noticed that the toddler was chewing on something during breakfast time, but saw it wasn’t food. 

She quickly attended to the little girl and realized that the substance she was eating was a drug. She immediately called her parents and took the child to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to get her checked on.

Sadly the the little girls tests showed that she indeed had crack cocaine in her system, but officials said she is expected to be OK. 

It’s still unclear as to how the child even got the drugs in her possession, but officials are speculating that she might have been playing outside in the rough neighborhood before anyone noticed she had picked up the bag. 

So scary! Thankfully the daycare worker was attentive to her and was able to catch her before it got really bad! 

3-Year-Old Girl At Daycare Rushed To Hospital After Ingesting Crack Cocaine

 TSR Staff: Chinny @Miss_ChinChin on IG!  

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