#BigBrother reality star #PaulAbrahamian shared what he thought was a brilliant plan to get one up on fellow houseguest #DominiqueCooper; but that plan has now left him in the hot-seat!

Paul was caught on footage explaining how he is going to mock Dom the only Black houseguest, by dressing like a snake and rocking blackface. However, many are arguing that there were alternative, non-racist ways to do so.

If you’re a fan of the show, you know the pair isn’t the best of friends, but does that excuse his #blackface comments, #Roommates? Nah? We were thinking the same thing.

While giving a run down of his outfit, he shares plans of his masterpiece’s finishing touch “… and then the black mask.”

One HG told him she his outfit was already over the top and if he’s going to do it he needs to go all the way.
“’cause it’s a black leather jacket and a black face?” he questioned?

Anyways, check out the clip below and then let us know your thoughts! Join the conversation on Instagram!

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