#Roommates, paying for love isn’t the way to go and one businessman learned that the hard way! A top drug company executive and his escort ran up nearly $5.8 million worth of charges on the the firm’s credit card, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Scott Kennedy, who worked for Nemera, spent thousands of dollars on Crystal Lundberg for things that weren’t in either of their budgets, like plastic surgery, a chauffeur for her children, dogs, and ironically…$24,000 for movers to move her potted plants from Illinois to her new 6,500-square-foot mansion.

“I’m the only person who has to answer for being stupid,” Kennedy said. “I wanted to be loved and cared for. My heart kind of overheard my head and said, ‘Take a chance.'”

Kennedy told the FBI hat he met Lundberg in 2012 on Backpage.com.

Lundberg was reportedly working as an escort at the time and hooked up with Kennedy at least ten times from 2012 to May 2015.

She soon began asking Kennedy for financial assistance, and by the end of the summer she and her kids moved in with him.

That November, Kennedy gave Lundberg access to the company card after she asked for help to purchase gifts for his daughters for Christmas, according to the court documents.

The two allegedly ended up running through $5.79 million of company cash over the next 16 months.

Kennedy’s job became aware of his financial activity earlier this year and fired him.

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