A New York judge has approved almost $4 million in payments to the family of Eric Garner from a $5.9 million wrongful death settlement with the city, according to the New York Post.

These payments will be distributed to some of Garner’s closest family members. Garner’s widow, Esaw Snipes, is set to get $1.4 million, Garner’s 3-year-old daughter, Legacy Jayleen Garner-Miller, will be awarded $1.3 million. The attorneys involved in the case are pleased with the increase in the amount Garner’s daughter will receive, saying: “I’m very happy that Legacy is going to be getting an increase in funds from that was originally proposed,” said Lorraine Coyle, the lawyer representing Garner-Miller.

Despite this victory, no amount of money can erase the pain the Garner family has felt. We send them all our love and prayers.

TSR Staff- Maurita Salkey @maurita.salkey

Source- http://nypost.com/2017/08/02/city-approves-4m-payment-to-eric-garners-family/

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