I know y’all remember Jaomeisha ‘Jamoni’ Merritt, the 11-year-old girl who had boiling water poured on her while she slept during a sleepover and consequently suffered second-degree burns and was hospitalized for 11 days. Over 85 percent of her face was burned, but those burns couldn’t keep her down for too long. A photo posted on Facebook after her hospital release has us all smiling because her recovery is unreal!

Although she is not fully recovered, the picture her mother, Ebony Merritt posted gives us hope that the rest of her recovery journey will be promising.


According to Daily Mail, Jamoneisha will be homeschooled during the next few months of her healing.

Ebony Merritt said her daughter will have to be homeschooled for a few months while she continues to heal.

‘Her arm is still raw, it hasn’t healed yet,’ Meritt told New York Daily News. ‘And she can’t go outside in the sun.’

‘It’s going to take maybe about six months for all her color to come back in.’

Her mother says she’s in good spirits, doing great, and “want[s] to thank all of y’all for the love that you showed her.”

Check out the pics below!

Source: Daily Maill, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4804104/11-year-old-burned-sleepover-released-hospital.html#ixzz4qDU15OXm


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