#Roommates, you can scam all you want but eventually you’ll get caught. Unfortunately, Eddie Tipton, 54, learned that the hard way. The former Iowa Lottery employee was sentenced to 25 years in prison Tuesday, for rigging the system in several states, allowing him and his brother to win big!

According to Time, Tipton and his brother were arrested back in 2015 for fraud. Homeboy had his own little operation going. He installed a software that allowed him to rig the system in his favor since 2005. His scamming ways affected systems in, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

The duo made off with $2 million but have agreed to pay $3 million as part of the plea deal.

Tipton was out here living his best life! He built a huge house, with a huge movie theater and a gym!

He admits though he was wrong, saying, “It’s difficult even saying that with all the people I know behind me that I hurt, and I regret it,” Tipton said in court, according to the Register. “I’m sorry.”

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