Roommates, have your parents ever lit into your behind after not returning their calls or texts? Well, Nicole Walters, who had just dropped her daughter off at college, got her daughter all the way together after she didn’t return her texts for three days! By the time their daughter did get around to hitting them back, Nicole and her husband decided to go pop up on her anyway.

They brought flyers with their daughter’s face plastered on them which read: “Is my kid being irresponsible? Tweet @NapturalNicole photo proof and get a $10 Starbucks gift card and a free pizza.” What college kid doesn’t want free pizza and Starbucks? Anyway, Nicole threatened, no, promised that she wouldn’t make her daughter pass them out to her peers if she was “feeling nice” and also relayed to her that she would bring more copies with her if this ever happened again.

“She thought she could dip off and go ghost for three days,” Walters says in her video. “No you won’t. What you’re not fittin’ to do, while I pay tuition, is disappear for three days,” she continues. “Out late doing what? Out late doing what? ‘Cause the campus bookstore is closed and the library is not 24 hours.” Oop!

This worried mom went on to explain that her daughters had been adopted, therefore, they weren’t exactly used to having a loving parent check on them and this this was her and her husband’s way of doing so.

I adopted my daughters a few years ago and they didn’t have support, so they’re not used to adults who are consistently present,” she tells Yahoo Beauty. “I want them to know that ‘out of sight’ doesn’t mean ‘out of mind.’ … We wanted to reset our daughter’s intentions and remind her that her past doesn’t have to dictate her future.”

Nicole’s 18 year old is on track so far and FaceTimes her and her husband once a week!


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