I’m telling y’all I seriously can’t believe stuff like this continues to happen. Two Ardmore High School students thought it was funny to wear sweatshirts with flat out racist language on it!

According to NY Daily News, A teacher at the Alabama school caught wind of the photos and reported it to school administrators. The photo, which looks its from Snapchat, shows the two jokesters wearing the hoodies with the words “Demon Chasin N—-s.”

The students were questioned and the shirts were immediately taken from them, according to WHNT.

Karen Tucker, who works as the Director of Technology and Public Relations for Limestone County Schools, said “the student’s actions were a violation of the core values of our schools system and do not represent the student body.”

She continued,

“We hold our students to the highest standards and we will not tolerate this type of behavior. LCS remains committed to the safety of our students. We have rules and regulations on preventing, recognizing and reporting bullying and insensitive behavior as well as curriculum for students at all grade levels. We will continue to take every appropriate measure to ensure that our schools are safe and welcoming places for students to learn.”

No word yet if the two students were expelled.

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