#Roommates, we’re sad to report that the brothers of Naija duo #PSquare are going their separate ways.

According to reports, the trouble started after younger brother Paul allegedly cancelled shows already booked for their upcoming US tour without telling Peter. This lead to huge disagreement, and Peter is now asking to leave the group.

Their lawyer Festus Keyamo took to Twitter to share his side of the story. He told fans it’s nothing more than sibling rivalry. “So, we appeal to everyone to please grant the Okoye family the privacy, prayers and support that they need at these trying times. I have also appealed to all of them not to grant further interviews at this point so as not to escalate the issues further. Whatever is going on is the usual siblings’ rivalry experienced in most families. It is nothing unusual…” he posted.

In the statement, Festus also shared that Peter allegedly wrote a letter asking to leave because he doesn’t want to betray his wife and kids for the sake of the he group.

A video recently leaked showing the brothers arguing in their lawyer’s office, but Festus insists it’s not new. “In fact, the incident in the video circulating online happened sometime around May, 2016. After all those arguments, we all still sat down and signed agreements and we were all happy,” he shared.

We seriously hope they can get this all sorted out!

TSR STAFF: Myeisha E. @myeisha.essex on IG

Photo: Gallo Images/ @GettyImages

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