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So the last time we spoke about it, #YoungThug was on Snapchat pleading for his girl back — Jerricka that is. As y’all know, Jerricka has been going at it with Amy Luciani after finding and sharing pictures she found of Amy in Thug’s phone. Depending on which side of the fence you’re sitting on, those pictures were harmless, as Amy is claiming in an interview with Lil Bankhead that when she and Thug sparked their relationship, he and Jerricka were NOT a thing.


That’s not all though, she goes on to confirm that she was not a side chick AND Jerricka isn’t even her friend. She said the two only “brushed shoulders.”



“I just want it to be known it’s strictly about the music . . . I have brushed shoulders with this girl. We’re not friends; we don’t call each other, we don’t come to each other’s house[s]. Atlanta is big but it’s small… We brushed shoulders but the whole best friend rumor — we used to roommate together, her best friend is sleeping with her dude  story is the media running wild.”


She says the two are “definitely not friends,” and “never been friends.”



She goes on to say that she just wants to clear her name because she was at no point in time a side chick; and if she had known that they were still a thing, she would never have given him the time of day when it came down to starting a relationship.



But check out the video for yourself:



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Video Source:  Youtube

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