#Roommates, we’ve all got on our mother’s last nerve before, right? Well, what was the one thing that you did as a child that would always grind your mom’s gears? Check out our list below and tell us if we nailed it!


Capricorn – Being Hardheaded

Capricorn is stubborn and always does what they want to. This lands them in hot water with their mother more often than not!

Aquarius – Getting In Trouble At School

One of the thing Aquarius struggles with is finding boundaries and as a child, they may be disciplined for the most random things.

Pisces – Staying Out After The Streetlights Come On

Pisces are curious beings and like to go exploring. Everybody knows to be home by the time the streetlights come on, but they never, EVER make it back on time. So, their mom is usually waiting for them at the doe with a belt!

Aries – Always Having An Attitude

It’s no secret that Aries are hot-headed!


Taurus – Talking Too Much

Taurus talk a mile a minute, but their moms would prefer some peace and quiet.


Gemini – Making Inappropriate Jokes About Everything

Gemini is the King/Queen of roasting someone. They start young.


Cancer – Giving All Of Their New Toys Away

Giving is good, but Cancer children can take it a little too far! Just giving all that hard-earned money away.

Leo – Talking Back

Leo think they know it all and will argue you down just to let you know that.


Virgo – Being Loud

All Virgos just want to make sure you hear their perspective and their side of the story! If they have to yell to make that happen then so be it.


Libra – Rolling Their Eyes

Libra was always in trouble for rolling their eyes at their mom and being called disrespectful when they call it “disagreeing.”

Scorpio – Being In Grown Folks Business

Scorpio wants to be treated like an adult and think it’s cute to be all up in the grown people’s tea at every function.

Sagittarius – Not Listening

Sag’s are often in their own world and probably aren’t listening to their mother…until she pops them upside the head!



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