Posting on Instagram has become a favorite pastime of many and has even created jobs for people like us at TSR and other business owners. However, if you aren’t making money on Instagram should you be using your time elsewhere?

Well, entertainment mogul #NickCannon thinks so! He says he got addicted to the app and had to evaluate how poorly he had been managing his time. This change led him to an even bigger revelation. “I wasn’t making no money from Instagram,” he said in an interview. “Instagram is making all this money, all these billions… They’re making so much money and we’re just offering our personal lives up.”

This epiphany caused him to stop posting about his personal life and instead use Instagram as as a tool to leverage his business endeavors. “Every time we put a picture up, they own it,” Cannon said. “So I started getting in depth and said I don’t want to put anything personal on Instagram. I put business stuff up there, but my personal stuff should be left for me.”

There is a MAJOR key here, y’all!



TSR Staff: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on IG, @tallyohhh on Twitter

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