Tyrese reportedly sent his daughter into a frenzy after he hired a plane to fly a banner over her elementary school with an interesting message.

According to @blast, the banner read: “NO MATTER WHAT, DADDY LOVES YOU SHAYLA.” What’s interesting about this is that Tyrese did this day before she’s set to testify against him in his alleged child abuse case.

Norma Gibson’s legal team says Tyrese hired the plane to fly over their daughters school.

The site claims the message is in regards to Shayla testifying over allegations that Tyrese pinned her to the ground and spanked her until she was unable to sit later on.

Norma’s team believes Tyrese sent the plane to influence his daughter before she takes the stand. Her team also says that Tyrese has sent gifts to the school for her as well.

When his daughter saw the plane she immediately started crying and was taken to the principals office.

Norma is trying to get a permanent restraining order on Tyrese.

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