R&B group #Xscape has a new reality show on Bravo and fans from all over the world cannot wait to kick it with the ladies on their upcoming tour! Considering how fast the tickets for the shows are selling, this reunion has seemingly happened at the best time, although this wasn’t necessarily #RHOA star #KandiBurruss’ plan.

She tells @People that “it wasn’t a planned reunion” and went into detail what really happened. “What happened was a network was going to do an unauthorized movie about us, and of course I’m not going to let somebody just take my legacy,” Kandi shared. “So I called my group members and we were all able to have a conversation to start trying to get our story told the right way.”

Burruss went on to explain that one condition of them coming together would be for group member #TamikaScott to apologize for spreading a rumor about her creeping with Jermaine Dupri’s father.

“I was like, I need a public apology,” Burruss said. “She’s going to have to say to the world that the stuff that she said about me was a lie. And so in doing that — we did it on the radio — and the radio disc jockey, he’s like, ‘Oh, Xscape is back!’ I was like, ‘Xscape is not back!’ All of a sudden we started getting all these offers to perform and do shows, so I just went with the flow for the moment.”

Now, just because these ladies have these gigs lined up and were just presented with their own “Xscape Day” on November 6th, things are still rocky between them all. “We all think differently when it comes to handling business, or at least, the three of them think differently than me,” Kandi expressed. “It’s always them three against me, and I feel like I’m always made to be the villain. It’s really irritating and stressful.”

Considering the ladies’ past relationships with each other, they definitely need time to take over and heal their wounds. Maybe they really will get back together one day with Kandi on the new tracks! I guess we will have to wait until she’s done with Broadway.

Congratulations on that by the way!


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Source: http://people.com/music/real-housewife-kandi-burruss-xscape-reunion/

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