As y’all know, #50Cent has had his run with #VivicaFox, #Ciara, and #ChelseaHandler; but has anyone wondered about his plans for a #bae in the future? In case you’re checking for him, take note on his thoughts about marriage. 

“I don’t feel negative about it,” Fif’ told ABC News about marriage. “Tradition kind of trains women to do different things.” He goes on to say that marriage “would have to be based on the woman’s religious beliefs.”
He doesn’t stop there. 
“Outside of that, it’s a bad contract,” he said. “If it means something to her … then it’s different. Other than that, then it’s a business deal. And it’s not a good one.”
So I’ll leave that right there. Now, I know y’all are dying to get this Power tea! 
So, 50 says that he plans to end power after Season 7! 
You can breathe–we are only entering season four so we have a few more years.
“I was telling [executives] in the very beginning, when they talked about how long do you think the series is going to last, I said seven,” 50 said. “It’s going to go seven.”

 How are y’all feeling about the announcement, #Roommates? 
Source: ABC news,
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