Have you ever felt like you had a friend that was secretly jealous of you? Well, you aren’t alone because many people will encounter snakes in their grass at some point in time. You don’t have to be Bill Gates or Miss America to have a friend that secretly envies you. It could be your confidence, personality, social skills, style, love life, intellect, or even potential success that could have them seeing green. In order to live a happy and positive life, you have to rid yourself of the people who don’t want to see you WIN! Here are 7 signs that yo’ SNAKE friend ain’t NO GOOD! 1) They don’t compliment you – Whether it’s weight loss, a nice outfit, an accomplishment, or a new Beau…if your friend is stingy with the compliments it’s probably because they don’t want to encourage you to be…better! 2) They undermine your accomplishments – Does your friend ignore or undermine your accomplishments? Do they predict your failure or credit others for your success? Did they doubt you before you achieved your goal? 3) They imitate you – Is your friend jocking-jocking your STYLE? Are they dressing like you, talking like you, and trying to pursue the same things in life…LIKE YOU? Well, the Stalker is trying to become you fool. 4) You fall out easily – If you and your friend are always arguing and fussing over the smallest things…there might be a bit of a problem there. Your jealous friend might be picking fights with you because on the SLY..THEY DON’T REALLY LIKE YOU! 5) Do they rarely invite you to go out? – Do you catch your friend hitting the town without you and think…why didn’t I get an invite? Well, they probably don’t want you stealing the spotlight…with your bright and charming self. 6) Do they embarrass you in front of others? – Do you find that your friend is always spilling the TEA about something you find embarrassing to people you don’t know that well or making you the butt of a joke in front of others? Or maybe, it’s to a guy that they know you like. Well, they try to embarrass you to make other’s not find you so appealing. 7) Do they hate your man/woman for no damn reason? – Does your friend hate your mate for no reason? Do they tell you to leave that person every time you complain about a petty fight? Do they say you have switched up or changed because you spend a reasonable amount of time with your boo? Well, they are lonely or unhappy in love and want you to join them in F-M-L City. Don’t get caught up hanging with a snake friend, if your homie falls into more than 2 categories then you might have a confused hater on your hands. It’s best to keep these snakes at a distance because they can put you in the wrong mind state. If your friends are nothing like this…go text them and tell them how much you appreciate your friendship! Friends are rare! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter -> @TheShadeRoom

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