#Roommates, there’s a Georgia networking event that’s helping white people meet black people, and it’s fittingly titled “Come Meet a Black Person.”

According to CNN, it’s reportedly a real attempt to bridge the racial divide in America and white people who don’t have any nonwhite friends are being asked to attend.

The event will be hosted by Urban MediaMakers, which is a group of independent black filmmakers and content creators. “In the black community we know of white people who don’t have a lot of black friends,” founder Cheryle Moses said. “But still, seeing a statistic about it just opened our eyes.”

According to the event’s Facebook page, they are hoping to do something to positively challenge the negativity. “The idea of ‘Come Meet A Black Person’ networking event came about when we recently found out that 75% of white people in the United States do not have non-white friends. According to the New York Magazine, white people continue to deploy the phrase ‘I have a ton of black friends!’ to justify casual racism, but it’s not actually true for three quarters of white Americans.”

Are y’all here for this? Tell us why or why not in the comments!

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