#Roommates you know the saying when you walk into stores and you touch things… you break it you pay it. Well a tourist in China dropped to the ground, sis went night night, after learning that she accidentally broke a 300,000 yuan jade bracelet which in the U.S. is $44, 251.70.

According to Daily Mail, the woman was visiting a Jade market in Ruili City, south western China’s Yunnan province when the incident occurred. She accidentally dropped the bracelet while trying to put it on. The bracelet ended up snapping into two pieces… sis should have got some super glue!

The family ended up offering the seller 70,000 yuan ($10k USD)but he wasn’t having that. The bracelet was examined by an independent expert and was determined to really be valued at 80,000 yuan. The family reportedly agreed to run him that money.

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