You know what they say about impressions, you only get one and in Famous Dex’s case, the impression he left on the world with his actions caught on video against his girlfriend that has him missing out on opportunities. XXL revealed their 2017 Freshman Class and some fans wee questioning why Famous Dex didn’t get a spot. 

XXL’s Vanessa Satten, sat down with The Breakfast Club to discuss the ins and outs of this years Class and when Charlamagne asked her about Famous Dex, she said he missed his shot due to his assault against his girlfriend–which y’all know was caught on camera. 

“We argued a lot over the Famous Dex situation and what we should do with that–that’s a lot of politics issues right there that I’m not really sure so much how long it will take to clear up before you get to the next level.”

“What was it? When he beat up the girl or–?” Charlamagne asked. 

“I would say that was part of it–I mean there’s a hurdle to get over there and I don’t knew if it’s right now that it’s going to happen  so there’s a lot of talk about that and

So basically Famous Dex didn’t make it beachside of that video of him beating up the girl
“I guess if you want to put it that way,” she said. Additionally she added tha the fact that it was caught on camera makes the situation a little different. 

What are your thoughts, Roommates? 

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