Now chile, I don’t know about you, but this “publicity” for the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight on August 26th is getting a little out of hand especially now that race is involved. A comment Conor McGregor made regarding how something else on his body is packing, rather than his punches, has only thrust him into the spotlight even more.

According to Independent Co, McGregor is in hot water after claiming in a recent press conference that he can’t be racist because he’s “half-black from the belly button down.” This comment only adds more fuel to the fire, because this isn’t the first time McGregor has made outlandish, racial comments this week!

Both McGregor and Floyd Mayweather began their press tours in Los Angeles where McGregor turned things up a notch by saying “dance for me boy!” which has long been regarded as a racial slur used by racist white people. He then repeated the comment again on another stop of the press tour.

McGregor attempted to address those comments recently at a press conference at the Barclays Center where he said to the crowd “All of the media seem to be saying that I am against black people,” he said.
“And just to show them that it is squashed, here is a present for my beautiful, black female fans.” He then appeared to thrust back and forth on stage.

The crowd had mixed reaction to his comments, while some cheering loudly, others responding with some boos.

#Roomates, do you think McGregor is going a little too far?


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