#Roommates, comedienne #AmySchumer is making a play for equal pay by renegotiating her $11 million Netflix payout. According to People, she spoke out after seeing the amount of money both Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle were paid for their specials.

There’s a few layers to this, we all know Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle are comedic legends in their own right and have been putting in work for over a decade. So respectively, you could argue they get paid more because they’re heavier hitters. On the flip side, Amy’s argument is framed around the idea of equal pay between men and women. A topic that is still prevalent in any working enviroment.

People reports Schumer was actually able to raise her payment significantly after asking the streaming giant for more money. In the wake of more women being vocal about pay disparities in Hollywood, do you feel Amy’s raise is justified?

Source: http://people.com/movies/amy-schumer-asked-netflix-for-more-money/

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