#Roommates, you can cheat all you want but you always gotta sleep with one eye open because you never know if your boo is waiting for you to hit them sheets cold. A plane headed to Bali was forced to land after a woman went #WaitingToExhale on her husband over his alleged affair.

According to NY Daily News, the Iranian woman was traveling with her husband and child on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha, Qatar, to Bali, Indonesia on Sunday when she found out that her husband was out playing with a Becky.

The husband was sleep on the plane and his wife used his hand to unlock his fingerprint-protected cell phone. She ended up getting into the phone and saw something she didn’t want to see… her husband being unfaithful. She immediately started hitting her husband and the crew members rushed to try to break it up, but couldn’t stop the wife from attacking her husband.

The pilot decided to land the plane in Chennai, India. Ironically, alcohol also played a role in this fight.

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