You know what they say #Roommates, what you do in the dark eventually comes to the light, and that’s exactly what happened to anti-gay pastor Kenneth Adkins.

The 57-year-old Georgia pastor was found guilty of eight counts of child molestation of a young boy and girl who went to his church seven years ago.

According to Savannah Now, Kenneth showed no emotion while the jury read the verdict. He will be sentenced on April 25, and because of Georgia’s strict mandatory sentencing laws and his record, he may never set foot outside of a prison again.

The pastor was known for making distasteful comments about the victims of the Orlando massacre, saying that they ‘got what they deserved.’ In addition, he has also been pretty vocal about expanding non-discrimination protections to LGBT people down in Jacksonville, Florida, according to LoveBScott.

He went low enough to dress up as a drag queen and made disrespectful comments on social media, saying, “I am gonna ‘pee’ next to your women in the women’s bathroom and let’s see how y’all feel.”

He’ll have plenty of time to play dress up and make jokes behind bars!

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