Phaedra Parks’ estranged husband Apollo Nida has no chill. According to TMZ, he’s trying to get his prenup thrown out and wants the judge to decide who gets to keep what.

In the court docs, obtained by TMZ, Apollo claims a few months after he signed the prenup in October 2009, Phaedra was cast on RHOA and they started raking in the cash.

He argues that since their finances dramatically improved it should be taken into consideration when the time comes to divide their assets. In other words, he’s looking to get paid! He also wants joint legal custody of their 2 sons.

Last month, Phaedra filed docs asking a Georgia court to uphold their prenuptial agreement. She says they both agreed to waive their right to alimony and Apollo shouldn’t get a dime in spousal support.

Apollo is currently serving 8 years in federal prison for a $2.3 million fraud scheme.



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