TSRStaff: Thembi ( @ThembiTV_ ) _____________________________________ The shenanigans y'all are already pulling in 2018 are just wild! _____________________________________ Cedric Miller, who is an aspiring rapper, decided to rob a #WingStop in hopes to get a record deal by getting #RickRoss' attention. _____________________________________ As y'all know, and as #RickRoss let's us know all the time–he owns a few #WingStop franchises–so Cedric just KNEW he was on to something. _____________________________________ According to local news station WREG, a few days later the police got a "tip" identifying Ced as one of the robbers…A Wingstop employee was able to identify him as well. _____________________________________ That being said, Ced is currently sitting in jail, meanwhile #RickRoss doesn't even know this is going on as he is yet to respond for comment. We're pretty sure Ced will get his attention now–will it be the right attention? WE OENO! 📸: @gettyimages

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