In the months, weeks and days leading up to the mayoral election in Atlanta last month, rappers #KillerMike and #TI were very vocal about the importance of the city securing a black mayor. Now that #KeishaLanceBottoms has been elected, the entertainers have vowed to remain by her side throughout her term.

Today, Bottoms announced the members of her transitional team who will aid in helping her to carry out the following platforms: affordable housing, overhauling the city hall corruption scandal and improving education. “I am grateful to announce this 38-strong transition team. It represents a tremendous amount of diversity and depth, and really the best and the brightest in the city of Atlanta,” Bottoms said.

Included in the team are TI, Killer Mike, Ron Clark from the Ron Clark Academy, Raphael Warnock from the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, the CEO and Chairman of UPS and CEO of Delta Airlines Inc. Mayor Bottoms wanted to build a team comprised of people who will have fresh ideas for many years to come and that will get started right away!

“I really want them to come with fresh ideas, and bring to me their recommendation for best practices for the city of Atlanta,” she said. “To make sure we attract the best talent in the city and we are forward thinking and not just worried about the issues we are facing today but build a team that can project out for many years in the city,” Bottoms said.

Y’all are not ready for my city!!

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