Imagine an off duty cop crashing into your car because he or she was going over the speed limit, and you being charged with the death of your child because of it.

According to The Advocate, 20-year-old Brittany Stephens was arrested Tuesday after police found that her daughter’s car seat was not secured and the straps were not adjusted correctly for the child’s height. The police stated that the “lack of securing the seat to the vehicle and the loose straps are a contributing factor in the death” of the child and “show gross negligence” on the mother’s part.

The cop, Christopher Manuel was arrested Tuesday on one count of negligent homicide and another for speeding. He was reportedly released on $15,000 bond the same day he was released.

As for Brittany, she wasn’t the one driving, but she faces the charges as she’s said to be the one who secured the baby in the car seat.

Police are also reporting that there were about 8 people in the car who were issued traffic citations.  Some include the driver for driving without a license, and the owner of the car for letting an unlicensed driver drive her vehicle.

The prison records show that Brittany was released on $3,600 bond Wednesday morning.


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