For weeks now, we’ve all been trying to tie up the lose ends on this Meek Mill vs. The Game drama which has now become a Meek Mill vs. Beanie Sigel saga.

It was speculated that Beanie may have written Meek Mill’s lyrics after he admitted to being in the studio while recording the ‘OOOUUU’ diss, and this morning, Beans confirmed it to be true with The Breakfast Club!

DJ Envy asked, “Did you ghostwrite any of those lyrics?” “A few of them, yeah,” Beanie replied. Envy then asked for clarification on who’s lyrics he wrote, “…for both Meek and Omelly?” “Yeah,” Beanie said. If Drake can do it, then why can’t he?

Anyway, the whole situation just seemed “shaky” to Charlamagne, because everything was cool between Meek and Beanie when they worked on the ‘OOOUUU’ diss together. Eight days later, Beanie dropped his own Meek Mill diss, so it seemed as if he got some buzz and dropped Meek when it was all over.

“It just seemed like loyalty with you lies with who is providing you opportunity at the time,” Charlamagne said.

Sigel definitely clapped back at Charlamagne after he called him a hater. He told the Breakfast Club host that he didn’t know the ins and outs of his beef with Meek Mill, therefore, he wasn’t “qualified” to speak on it or call him a hater.

The entire interview was a shade parade so check it out below. It ended with fingers in Charlamagne’s face!

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on Instagram & @tallyohhh on Twitter!
Via: The Breakfast Club 

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