Oop! Benzino is going off on Amber Rose and he is NOT holding back!

Last week he went on a rant about Amber Rose’s Slut Walk saying he didn’t see the purpose of it and that he would never allow his 19 year old daughter to participate in the walk.

We later acknowledged that the reason Benzino may have been so upset about the slut walk was because his ex boo Althea was there–with their baby boy.

Now, Amber addressed Zino’s comments on her show, and he has come back with the clapback of all clapbacks.

“You got to where you’re at sucking the right d*cks,” he said. “And I’m not a hater, if that’s how you came up mama more power to you…but don’t reap the benefits and then cry about it when the public looks at you a certain way.”

Benzino didn’t stop there! He told Amber she was “better off looking pretty and keeping her mouth shut”–before he brought baby Bash and Wiz into it! Yup.. He went there!

“I actually feel sorry for Wiz and his son because at the end of the day, in some areas in life women are supposed to be held at a higher standard than men! That is the way it has been forever!!” He said.

Here’s the real shade Roommates–he continued on to say, “Thank God you didn’t have a daughter! Shout out to all the women out there who held on to their class and dignity and worked hard for what they got.”

Daaaaamn Zino! What are your thoughts on what he said? *Patiently waits for Amber to clapback.


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