#Roommates, would y’all be here to feel the Bern again in 2020? Well, onetime Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders might be taking another swing at the presidency!

According to NY Daily News, Bernie summoned top democratic political advisers over the weekend to discuss the possibility. Several sources told Politico that Bernie wants to fully zen prepared in the event that he decides to take this task on again!

Apparently Bernie has a good chance of winning because his advisers told him that based on their research he would be one of the front runners.

The meeting included Sanders’s wife Jane, former Ohio State Sen. Nina Turner, 2016 campaign manager Jeff Weaver, Democratic strategists Mark Longabaugh and Julian Mulvey, pollster Ben Tulchin, online fundraiser Tim Tagaris, senior Senate adviser Ari Rabin-Havt, political adviser Chuck Rocha and former communications aide Arianna Jones, according to The

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