Blac Chyna’s mother Ms Toni is known for on many occasions coming to her daughters defense if anyone decides to try her.

Today is no different, as Ms Toni took to IG to bash the Kardashians and Tyga in a series of off the wall IG posts. When I tell you mama Toni don’t give a f– there is no exaggerating whatsoever! This whole recent mess started after Chyna threw some major shade at Kylie Jenner when she posted that she would be having a cooking show. Chy felt like she was copying off her, as she’s been doing her cooking with Chy snaps for a while now.

Anyways, Tyga came to Kylie’s defense via snap chat by posting videos basically saying Chyna wasn’t the first person to ever do it.

See below :

That was enough to ignite fire in Ms Toni to go ALL THE WAY OFF!! She attacked the Kardashians saying they should be thanking Chy for helping Rob get back on track saying “did you even bother to thank my daughter for saving your brother and son.” It doesn’t end there! Check out the posts below:

Hard to believe but here’s a picture of Ms Toni and  Kim Kardashian during happier times when Chy & Kim were besties way back when

Ms Toni has absolutely no chill! By the time you read this she probably will have a lot more going on!
TSR Staff: Chinny @Miss_ChinChin on IG!

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