Next week, “Black Lives Matter Week of Action,” will officially begin at Prince George’s County schools in Maryland.

According to The Grio, the school board unanimously voted to pass the “Black Lives Matter Week of Action.” The week of learning will start on Monday and continue throughout the rest of week at all schools in the county.

The board members have said, that the goal for the week is to encourage conversation and reflection about social injustice in schools. The concept for the week was put together by a group of teachers, parents, and administrators.

Raaheela Ahmed, a school board member said, “I think this is something that our students and our families see every day, especially being a largely minority population. We have 60 percent of our students that are African American, 30 percent that Latino and this is something that they see and hear every day –on the news and day-to-day lives. It’s something that we felt was really needed and necessary at this time.”

At the moment it’s unclear what exactly will be discussed in the classes, but teachers have the say on whether their lesson plans will take place during school, before school, after school, or if it’ll include instructional time.



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